CHB Municipal Theatre
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Four uniquely accomplished guitarists bring an infectious energy to the concert stage. Recently returned from concerts in Australia, China, Mexico and the USA the NZGQ is building a reputation that transcends borders both geographically and stylistically.

 Their performances of classical, contemporary and world music continues to engage audiences from all walks of life, exploring a diverse range of genres including Balkan, Brazilian, Persian, bluegrass, Celtic, Spanish and flamenco music.

Technical brilliance and emotional depth” – Christchurch Arts Festival                                                                       “Sublime musical entertainment” – Whangarei Music Society

“…nothing less than extraordinary” – Motueka Music Society

  Saturday 20th July 7:30 pm


Vincent Van Gogh, one of the world's most recognisable & beloved painters.

Leonard Nimoy's celebrated play 'Vincent' is based on hundreds of letters exchanged between the illustrious painter & his brother Theo. Told through the eyes of Theo, this incredible one-man show reveals the artist as few knew him.

Hawke's Bay actor Daniel Betty takes us on a fascinating journey &invites us to ponder the meaning behind Van Gogh's work. Under the direction of Lisa-Jane Easter we explore the relationship between insanity & creative genius & the demands that society makes on an artist.




Four of Auckland’s brightest musicians combine with a spell-binding backdrop of custom animations penned by band-leader / multi-instrumentalist / genius, Finn Scholes they use a plethora of instruments to perform what can only be described as Mexican Fantasy Music, music that will leave your mind blown and you clapping for more.

 “Wonderful” – John Campbell, Radio NZ

 “The soundtrack to the sepia-toned, sun-washed short film of your dreams… as you would expect from a collective of such talented individuals, the musical genius at play is hard to ignore” – The New Zealand Herald

 ““Some serious instrument playing going on!” – Kathryn Ryan, Radio NZ

                                   Tuesday 30th July 7:30 pm

Tickets on sale

 In 1913 Annie enters the remote mountains of Kahurangi National Park to live a hidden life with her lover Henry Chaffey. Forty years in exile, swallowed by the silence, enslaved by the fire. 

This beautiful, touching true story is about Annie Chaffey’s love, loneliness, loss and laughter. An old story from a new perspective.                                           

  storytelling at its finest. Writer, director and performer, Martine Baanvinger, is utterly compelling, humorous and breathtakingly honest as Annie.” -Lisa Allen,
Nelson Fringe Festival review.              

           Tuesday 13th August 7:30 pm TICKETING INFO TO COME

Music that makes you want to dance – wild, spirited and haunting.

Take three former members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Robin PerksDebbie Rawson and Jacqueline Nordon,
  a top New Zealand composer and Arts Laureate, 
Ross Harris, and a shared passion for Klezmer music, and you have The Kugels!

  The folk idiom of the Jewish people, Klezmer, was originally played at weddings and other celebrations in Eastern and Central Europe This music gained popularity in America with the arrival of Yiddish speaking immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, assimilating jazz  elements into the mix.

The ensemble features the highly expressive sound of violin, clarinet, accordion and bass, laced with the soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, and the Maui Xaphoon.

  Sunday 22nd September 2 pm